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1939 Dodge 4-Door, very solid, only $2,000


You are looking at a 39 Dodge 4 door that is a good Street Rod project. The rear-end has already been change to a Camaro rear, the body has been stripped and is in primer. It will make a nice car. Give me a call so we can talk about how we can make...

1950 Willys Woody Wagon *Sharp* only $6,500


This really nice 1950 Willys Woody Wagon is a real looker.  Solid 2 door with nice paint and all the wood trim. She has been restored and the interior is real nice and soft with front and rear split seats and real comfortable rear fold down armrest...

1955 Chevrolet 1st Series 5-window Pickup, Camaro sub frame and rearend, only $4,000


1955 Chevrolet 1st Series 5-window Pickup! Restoration has already been started, Camaro sub frame and rearend have already been installed. The body is very, very solid. I have a lot of parts to choose from to go with it. I will consider a serious...

1957 Chevrolet Big Window Pickup *great project* only $2,500


This is just a good, good project. This 1957 Chevrolet big window pickup has a good solid body, just a little rust on the bottom corners of the front fenders, you can see it in the pictures, an easy fix. She is sitting on a Camaro sub-frame, and...

1970 Chevrolet Camaro, project car, $2,500

1970 camaro

You are looking at a 1970 Chevrolet Camaro Project. There is no vin on the car. I also have another 70 Camaro project that between the 2 of them, you could make a car. You can own this Beauty for only $2,500 which I feel is very fair for a...

1977 Chevrolet Camaro project body, only $2,000


You are looking at a 1977 Camaro body (no motor or trans) that is a solid car. Give me a call so we can talk about how we can make my vehicle yours.  I feel that my price of $2,000  is very realistic for a collector car like this one with the...